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Mentor & Mentee at Penn

The Power of Connection


Mentor and Mentee at Penn (M&M) program aims to provide support and guidance to current students by mentorships and connections with alumni. We strongly believe in “the power of connection,” specifically in

a strong and supportive connection among present and past GSE students.


We have a central mentorship program that pairs up

1) new students with experienced students; and

2) current students with alumni. We also host various events to help students connect with alumni, teach practical skills to participants and spread the idea that mentorships are crucial to human development. 



We believe in the power of connection and building strong relationships among new students, current students, and alumni!



Develop your skills as a leader by receiving mentorship while mentoring others.


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As a future higher education administrator and a woman of color, it is important to have a mentor/ally who understands my experiences. Not only does Brandi understand my experiences, but she shares her experiences as a teaching method. I learn through her mistakes and successes. Brandi also encourages, supports and challenges me. A few days prior to the end of the fall semester, I was extremely stressed about my finances and finding a job. She asked what I was doing at that moment to curb my stress. Brandi is also constantly available to help me and offer advice. I have participated in many mentoring programs, but she is by far, one of the best mentors I have had.


                - Jasmine Philps, Higher Education-

Being an international student, I was experiencing the stress from academic demand, cultural shock, homesick, and language barrier when I first came to Penn. Abby not only provided me with the information I need, the tips for study, but also tried her best to help me "land" safely. With her help, I spent a happy semester, and achieved a high GPA. She is now helping me with finding internship and writing resume. I think I'm ready now to try to stand on my own, and I'm willing to providing other students with the wonderful opportunities to learn from Abby!



-Yuan Li, Intercultural Communication-

My mentor was always willing to go out of his way to support me. He helped me transition easily into graduate school life. Academically he helped me get through particularly challenging classes, and always gave great, honest advice when I was navigating specific course selection for my program. In addition to his academic support, Seth made sure that my whole life, not just my academic life, was going well. He always checked to ensure I was happy, had friends and felt comfortable in Philadelphia. Seth was a great mentor, and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know him.


                                    -Maria Morrison, Education Policy-

Mentor and Mentee at Penn (M&M) Program:


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